Korea’s first venture capital firm sets sights on becoming ‘the best investment company in Asia”

Moving beyond it’s claim to fame as Korea’s first venture capital firm to become Asia’s number one
SBI Investment introduced the concept of ‘venture capital’ for the first time in Korea in 1986 when the term ‘venture’ was very new. In the intervening period, it has been the true partner for the development of Korea’s venture businesses.

We have discovered promising venture businesses in Korea and abroad, made direct investments and raised funds through connections with domestic and foreign investors. In addition, we have provided comprehensive value-added services such as technical services, marketing, IPO, legal services and tax services.
Leveraging the synergistic benefits of being a member of the SBI Group
SBI Group is a world-renowned financial conglomerate which has established and operated commercial banks, securities companies and venture capital firms in nearly twenty countries around the world, focusing on emerging Asian countries such as China, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Brunei as well as Korea and Japan.

After being incorporated as an affiliate of Japan’s No. 1 financial services group ‘SBI Holdings’, SBI Investment has established the perfect foundation to evolve into a global investment company. In fact, we have been able to concentrate on raising overseas investment funds as stated below by taking advantage of the parent group’s overseas networks leading to successful funding of our SBI Pan Asia Private Equity Fund (KRW 283.5 billion), our Future Planning SBI ASEAN-M&A Investment Fund (KRW 50 billion), our SBI ASEAN Springboard Investment Fund (KRW 60 billion) and our SBI Global Digital Contents ICT Investment Fund (KRW 25.3 billion).

Now, SBI Investment will use synergies leveraged from SBI Group’s know-how and global network to bolster its investor base and expand its global business in order to grow to become Asia’s best investment company.